threehours is going to be my photography journal from now on. i've decided to keep it seperate. so, i mean, if you want the good stuff go there. if you want my rambling stay here. or both. or neither. or nevermind.


well, i finally got my nikon coolpix 5700 and well, frankly, i'm a bit disappointed. the focus and exposure controls leave much to be desired. the evf doesn't show the finished exposure so my days of happy manual metering seem to be over but i think i'll find it much easier to go film eventually. fortunately, image quality looks excellent. once i figure out how to use it properly, i think the results will be much better than what you've seen so far.

it isn't the supercamera that i was hoping for but i guess it'll do :)

international terrorisme

completely desynthesized to everything except the simple pleasure of listening to bruce springsteen and cuddling on buses. and not going to school. i never want to go to school again, i'd rather stay home forever. that place is like a cancerous growth on my soul, i swear.

hermitbird, the night market is back! i think, if i get my new camera by today, i'll go down and take photographs of it for you.


my conscience is starting to bug me a little bit. i can't really maintain any sort of anger or dislike for more than three hours, it seems. i think i'll refrain from insulting people from now on. i'll only regret it later. i've got to learn the difference between the friendly bickering sort of fight and the non-friendly insulting sort of fight. they're both quite fun but there's really no need for the latter (or the former, come to think of it. i've got to find better sources of entertainment.).

unfortunately though, i really meant everything i said there so i don't think i'll take any of it back. all i can say is that, i'm sorry for holding such opinions of you. they're not likely to change but i won't come barging into your respective journals with them again anytime soon. also, sorry to everyone else who got involved. don't bother, really.


discussing the events of the day and the people of the day on the train ride home made me realise how much i love everyone around me right now. one in particular comes to mind. let me introduce you to one of the guitarists of hearing hill, martin.

"what do i think is beautful? i think... bright sunflowers shining under the sun."

mr martin liew was born twenty nine years and one day ago. he falls in love everyday but can't describe it. he makes himself happy by listening to music . he listens to what some people might not consider music at all. he has a guitar sound worthy of lee ranaldo. he loves freedom.

talking to martin is like listening to a john cage piece. one feels like one is walking in a large, dark arena where delicate piano notes sound at random intervals. martin plays his guitar with drum sticks but looks like he knows exactly what he's doing. martin has a spring drum which he shakes to make thunder sounds. martin is the avant-garde aesthetic personified.

it's so lovely to watch him play guitar because when he does, he is in possession of a strange unconventional grace which i can safely say belongs to him alone. i can't really describe it well so one day i will videotape it so you can see.

everyone has such strange and differing feels and what brings them all together is how heavy they are with soul. these are the people i want to know these are the people who want to know. all spirit. all desire.

i am mean shaz

the delirium of today has somehow transformed into a fuckload of antipathy. first against poetry then narrowly channelled into this. i can't help myself. i said this before to someone, "the internet is like a lightning rod for pent up angst". it sounded a bit pretentious then. tonight it sounds true.

went jamming with hearing hill today. one more week til drunkenness and music. carthasis and random screaming. and a good reason to interview the whole of i am david sparkle. excellent.